Nessie Foods is owned and operated by the mother-daughter team of Naska & Ekaterina. The duo and their family moved to the U.S. in 1997 from Bulgaria where Naska and her husband ran several cafes and restaurants which served traditional Bulgarian breakfast baked goods, sandwiches, lunch and dinner menus and assorted sweets and beverages. With over 15 years in the service industry in Bulgaria, Naska has an enormous amount of experience preparing traditional Bulgarian dishes and baked goods. Ekaterina's passion for baking and cooking has definitely been passed down from her mother's love for preparing food and seeing the smiles on peoples' faces after they have tasted what she has cooked.

Services & Goods

Currently in Clinton Township, Michigan, Nessie Foods offers a variety of products & services:


- catering for parties, get-togethers, graduations, celebrations, etc.

- carry-out (traditional Bulgarian grill - kebapche, kufte, shopska salad, cevapi, banitsa/burek & much more available daily)

- baked goods (banitsa available daily as well as tutmanik and homemade rolls made to order)

- desserts (different kinds of baklava as well as tolumbi - all available daily or made to order for larger orders)

- meats & cheeses (Bulgarian feta cheese, kashkaval cheese, Bulgarian organic yogurt, traditional Bulgarian meats)

- frozen items (kebapcheta, kufteta, karnacheta, filo pastry sheets)

- packaged goods (wafers, chocolate, cookies, salt sticks, seasonings, sunflower seeds, snacks, halva, sunflower oil, mineral water, juices, lutenitsa, pickles, canned goods and much more)

Thank you!

We would love for you to come in and experience what Nessie Foods has to offer!